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Revenue generation for Tire Service Providers. Both Nitrogen fill and Air to Nitrogen conversion service (purge) for up to 4 tires. Electronic preset tire inflation with LCD display. Low life time costs - with high grade filtration and high performance components. Guaranteed accuracy and robustness with ceramic pressure sensor.

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Replacing compressed air with nitrogen for tire bill is the best thing you can do for your customer ??s tires, and one of the best rewards you can have for your bottom line profits. A typical ROI for a Nitrogen Fill System is just a few months.

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Mahle Model 355 80022 00 NitroPro Nitrogen Purity Tester. Important accessory for any nitrogen producing source, not just the Mahle NitroPro. If you're selling the benefits of nitrogen to your customer, you had better make sure that the machine is actually providing pure nitrogen, and not just a mixture.

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Nitrogen molecules are larger and more substantial than oxygen molecules thus slowing down the rate of permeation and reducing the air pressure loss over time. The Nitrogen Now tire program can help to improve overall fuel economy based on proper tire inflation and comes with VIP Tire and Roadside Protection option packages.

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Air Is a Mixture. If you're purchasing a new car, you may have the option to buy tires that are filled with nitrogen instead of regular air. This sounds pretty fancy, and you'll hear lots of ...

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While attending a motorcycle track day at Autobahn Raceway, I noticed a compressed nitrogen tank in my friend's hauler.Having sought out and taken his advice in the past, I decided to eventually research the use of nitrogen in motorcycle tires.The results surprised me.

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The main benefit of nitrogen-filled tires is that the loss of tire pressure is slower, because the gas in the tire escapes more slowly than air does. With more stable tire pressure, the thinking goes, you'll get better gas mileage and get full tire life since you're always rolling on fully inflated tires.

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Why Should You Have Nitrogen Tire Inflation Services Performed at Canada Tire Company? If you're considering outfitting your vehicle with nitrogen-inflated tires or you already have nitrogen filled tires and simply want to refill them, our service staff is available to assist you.

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I put nitrogen in my 06 Element,I live in New England Area and for one it snows a LOT here well the plows stack the snow it seems right against the air checker and so no checking the tire pressure(at least 5 months out if the year)so that was the clincher for me to use nitrogen and don't pilots use it in the tires …

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Because nitrogen replaces oxygen, less air can escape your tires, and your inflation pressure stays higher longer. Unfortunately, there are other possible sources of leaks (tire/rim interface, valve, valve/rim interface and the wheel), which prevent the guarantee of pressure maintenance for individuals using air or nitrogen inflation.


Many research works have been focused on how the various tire parameters (e.g., load, inflation pressure and speed) affect rolling resistance so that fuel economy can be increased. Recent studies indicate that inflating tire with nitrogen can maintain proper inflation pressure and decrease the deterioration of the rubber.

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I read an article somewhere if you want pure nitrogen inside your tires. You need to deflate and inflate with pure nitrogen a few times in order to get pure . I doubt they actually do that. Just use the air hose from your local gas station. $.50 air refill for 4 tires is cheaper than $2 per tires for nitrogen…

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Tic Toc Tire Co also offers drivers of Huntington, WV nitrogen installation in tires. Tic Toc Tire Co is proud to serve Huntington, WV as a Federated Auto Parts Nation Wide Warranty and a Michelin ® TCI Elite T3 Dealer. Store manager, Scott Ramsey, is a certified TIA Automotive Tire Service Instructor who has worked at Tic Toc Tire Co since 1973.

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Most tires are filled with compressed air. But some tire retailers have started to put nitrogen into their customers' tires. (Nitrogen is simply dry air with the oxygen removed. Air contains nearly 79% nitrogen already.) Because nitrogen replaces oxygen, less air can escape your tires, and your inflation pressure stays higher longer.

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Jul 02, 2012· Advantages and Disadvantages of Nitrogen Tire Inflation. July 2, 2012. Nitrogen tire inflation can be expensive and high maintenance, but increase gas mileage and tire life, among other advantages. Nitrogen tire inflation is becoming common practice. Using nitrogen rather than air has advantages and disadvantages. ... Browse a huge selection of ...

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Nitrogen is not widely available and provides the same rolling resistance as tires filled with air. Scientific tests on the effect of the use of nitrogen in tires and changes in tire physical properties are inconclusive. In testing, nitrogen tires lost 2/3 as much as air-filled tires, so the benefits are minimal.

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Jan 27, 2012· You can buy nitrogen gas and put it in tires, as it is becoming a popular alternative to replacing regular air in your tires. It gives many benefits, such as fuel economy and better temperature control. You can buy it in places like Costco, tire dealers, and car dealerships.

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Aug 06, 2019· Let us now understand the difference between nitrogen and air in car tires. It will also help us in choosing the better option for your vehicle. We recommend you browse online to find the best maintenance tips for your car tire. 1. The N2 Advantage. The best advantage of having nitrogen-filled car tires is the tire pressure.

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The study compared 31 different automobile models with tires inflated to 30 psi. They followed the tire pressure for a year and found air-filled tires lost an average of 3.5 psi, while nitrogen-filled tires lost an average of 2.2 psi. In other words, air-filled tires leak 1.59 times more quickly than nitrogen-filled tires.


Your tires retain optimal pressure three to four times longer than when filled with air. Nitrogen increases your fuel efficiency. Your tires last longer. Vehicle safety increases. Filling your tires with nitrogen provides more reliable pressure and reduces possible blowouts. Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS) performance improves.

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Using Nitrogen in Tires. So why is nitrogen used? In its pure form, nitrogen has been used primarily because it doesn't support moisture or combustion. Nitrogen is an inert (non-flammable) gas – basically, nothing more than dry air with oxygen removed. In fact, ambient air contains about 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% miscellaneous gas.

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Description: Do you need a nitrogen fill-up for your tires in Kansas City? We can do that right here at Chux. What's Included. Experts say that nitrogen holds the pressure in your tires more constant than air does, which means you can inflate them less often and still keep the good gas mileage that comes with a properly inflated tire

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A nitrogen-filled tire has less oxygen, which means it is less likely to rot because of the absence of oxidation, rust, and water. With nitrogen in your tires, you'll have less corrosion and better bead sealing. Less tire-pressure fluctuation. When you fill your tires with air, you're adding water to them as well.

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Dry nitrogen is used in this regard to help reduce tire pressure variations where even small differences in pressure can affect vehicle handling at the extreme limits of performance. Is Nitrogen Right For Me? For normal everyday consumer tire service applications, nitrogen tire inflation is not required.

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Jun 01, 2018· That makes some consumers think that nitrogen is a better choice for regular old cars, and there could be some truth to that. Whether or not that's true for you depends on a number of factors. Consider that the air we breathe is 78 percent nitrogen, and a nitrogen-filled tire is about 93 to 95 percent nitrogen.

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Nitrogen-filled tires experience fewer pressure changes when temperatures shift, which means a vehicle experiences a consistent rolling resistance. Our Costco Tires Review. If you search for a "Costco Tires Buying Guide" online, you will find numerous review conglomeration websites that offer negative reviews about Costco Tires.