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Modular design in computer hardware is the same as in other things (e.g. cars, refrigerators, and furniture). The idea is to build computers with easily replaceable parts that use standardized interfaces. This technique allows a user to upgrade certain aspects of the computer easily without having to buy another computer altogether.

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The Loc-Line Modular Hose system available from ModularHose.com comes in four different hose diameters along with a multitude of nozzles, fittings and accessories suitable to virtually every industry. The sizes available are 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" and 2 1/2" ID and adapters are available to combine most sizes.

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The National Energy Technology Laboratory uses WindChill TM modular data center technology to support 40 racks running 35kW per rack at a PUE of 1.06. The results have been substantial – $3.2 million in savings over the past 7 years. That same technology …


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Modular buildings are easy to relocate and are expandable allowing the flexibility to grow or change locations economically. portable buildings. We pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of new technology; however, when it comes to servicing our customer we are from the old school.

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Capturing the full cost and productivity benefits of modular construction is not a straightforward proposition. It requires carefully optimizing the choice of materials; finding the right mix of 2-D panels, 3-D modules, and hybrid designs; and mastering challenges in design, manufacturing, technology…

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In modular art, modularity refers to the ability to alter the work by reconfiguring, adding to, and/or removing its parts. Modularity in different research areas Modularity in technology and management. The term modularity is widely used in studies of technological and organizational systems.

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Sep 25, 2019· Since the early 2000s, there's been a renewed interest in modular construction due to breakthroughs like BIM, 3D-printing, and automation. While modular construction itself isn't a new concept, a recent report from McKinsey & Company acknowledges that we're now at a point where technology is making it a more viable solution.

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Lummus Technology's petrochemical technology portfolio includes building block processes for a wide range of products derived from olefins and aromatics, including plastics, resins, fibers, solvents, detergents and adhesives, as well as a large range of chemical intermediates and polymers.

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Modular programming techniques are used when developing software and Web applications that rely on a suite of different modules/components to fulfill all aspects of business logic and operations. Modular programming grew in popularity as programmers realized that their work entailed repetitive rewrites of identical and previously-developed code.

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Below are some examples of completed projects packaged by Modular Technology using primarily used furniture. The end result of each project is a professional looking office where we were able to provide our clients with substantial cost savings and faster delivery when compared to …

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Matterport is happy to announce support for 360° cameras, including the Ricoh Theta Z1, Ricoh Theta V, and the Insta360™ ONE X. Learn More. The Pro 2. This is the gold standard. There is no other professional 3D camera in its class. Shop. How It Works.

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which modular construction offers the greatest potentialbenefits, (3) study theapplication of current modular construction practices to opportunities identified in Task 2, (4) develop new modular construction concepts (technology and methodology), and (5)

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A 3rd Gen Modular Execution approach may not be applicable to all projects, but when fully implemented, Clients benefit through reduced quantities, productivity gains for work shifted to shop and reduced costs for field labor. The 3rd Gen Modular Execution technology …

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Sta-Rite is proud to bring you the proven technology of System 3 Modular Media into the world of D.E. With it's perfectly balanced flow and integral manifold design, the System 3 Modular D.E. filter brings pool filtration to new heights. Available in 2 sizes, 60 and 72 sq. ft., System 3 Modular Media D.E. filtration will bring years of sparkling clear water to your pool or spa.

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HJC CL-Max 3 Modular Helmet. The newHJC CL-Max 3 Modular Helmet is made of a light weight and durable polycarbonate composite shell. Equipped with great ventilation system to keep your head fresh on hot days. HJC CL-Max 3 Modular Helmet is DOT approved featuring all …

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sophia and me.Introducing The Sophia Construct and Holographic Technology, 3D Cymatic. Mapping an outline of the Modular Architectural Shell Structure Technology and applications of 2D & 3D Digital Fabrication and traditonal methods. With Infinite Variations of Holographic construction possibilities. Cymatic Crystals

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We have (2) 2 Bed Room and (2) 3 Bed room Mobile Homes priced to go. Give us a call @ 252-522-5770 Homes are available to view here locally in Kinston. Ask for Garry Gallo or Mark Lee. Modular Technologies, Inc. ... Contact a sales representative today to order your custom modular!

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3:1 Modular Oil Kits. Systems for oil dispensing with pump installed on wall or on the tank. Ideal for distribution from storage zones. Warning: Equipment contained in this catalog can generate very high fluid pressure. To reduce the risk of serious bodily injury or property damage, never exceed the maximum working pressure of the lowest rated ...