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tration Experience. One night my wife and I were talking and somehow the subject of castration came up. I mentioned I was turned on and intrigued by the idea of being castrated. She reveled that she had a long held secret desire to castrate me. We felt that three children were enough and could not find any good reason why I should not be castrated.

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Jan 12, 2007· Courtesy of BME/HARD's legion of daring adventurers into extreme realms of sensation and experience… The photo you see here is step eight ("drink and enjoy"). If you want to see some of the other steps and you're of legal age, click on through. Tie off testicles tightly.

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From BME Encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. Ball Crushers are similar to split steel ball weights (and other similar devices), but with the added ability to apply varying amounts of pressure to the testicles, depending on the play preferences of the wearer. ... Torture and Testicle Crushing at Nuremberg – Darkmoon.

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This usually results in plastic deforming of the testicular cords with resulting bruising and often internal bleeding. Done quickly and with force, closing of the handles of the device results in a successful and relatively painless castration. The pain of the crushing jaws on the testicle …

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In the context that BME uses the term "ball torture", it almost always refers to testicular torture and testicle skewering and so on—play piercing of the testicle itself (versus surface play piercings in the scrotum or shaft).Some include temporary elastration, testicular crushing, scrotal stretching, and other modifications and play in this definition.

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Castration - BME Encyclopedia. The first is those who are castrated as a result of a sexual fantasy, who find the idea arousing, and who plan on continuing to engage in sexual activity post-castration The second are those who desire castration to put an end to that side of themselves, and plan to remain celibate after their testicles, [Chat ...

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Ball Crushers are similar to split steel ball weights (and other similar devices), but with the added ability to apply varying amounts of pressure to the testicles, depending on the play preferences of the wearer.Ball crushers are often enclosed (i.e. a cylinder with only a hole at the top), as the one in the left is, or "open" (often in a variety of homemade forms).

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Jun 26, 2015· Guy Gets His BALLS CUT OFF! Must Watch!-+ Dailymotion. For You Explore. Do you want to remove all your recent searches? All recent searches will be deleted. Cancel Remove. Log in. Watch fullscreen. Guy Gets His BALLS CUT OFF! Must Watch! Slidetense. 4 years ago | 104.9K views. Guy Gets His BALLS CUT OFF! ...

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Abrasives - Abrasive Products and Accessories - Grainger ... Abrasives remove material from a workpiece. Sanding discs, sanding belts, sandpaper, deburring tools, and other industrial abrasive products eliminate rough edges, nicks, and notches from metal workpieces or shave off layers of wood.

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Cutting off circulation to the testicles fully or partially by tight binding of the scrotum above the testicles is more commonly known as banding, a form of castration play.Many men enjoy banding because it dramatically exaggerates sexual sensations and can provide more of a "rush" than a "normal" orgasm.

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ticular Injection, Minute by Minute. Before starting, I would caution everyone to get professional assistance before trying testicle injection. I was so excited while viewing the BME/Ritual page on scrotal and testicle injection that I couldn't wait to try it.

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Crushing Hammer - Ed Parker's American Kenpo Purple Belt, 25 Jul 2010, Crushing Hammer is the 5th required technique to obtain your Purple Belt in Ed Parker's American Kenpo, Simultaneously strike opponent's groin with aright heel palm; then grab opponent's testicles with a righ. Read More

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Swidin Stone Crusher, testicular crushing bme - stone crusher from europe countries; stone crushers for in uk; swidin stone cresher; terms mine field;, Live Chat Scrotum Compression Ball Crusher Scrotal Stretching Bme Encyclopedia, then crunch the spermatic cords @ lasha darkmoon, re your article about torture and testicle crushing,

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Orchiectomy (testicle removal) is the removal of one or both testicles due to underlying pathology. Testicular cancer, undescended testicles, or other pathologies are some of the causes that may warrant a removal of the testicle. During the testicle removal procedure one or both testis are removed without any damage to the penis or the scrotum. Dr.

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size=+1>It Cost Him his Nuts Sharon was a real beauty. One of those rare ten plus blonds blue eyes, and a body that made your mouth water. She had just turned 23 and was still a . I had known her in high school and it had been love at first sight for me.

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Castration by a doctor is, by far, the safest method of castration, and potentially one of the hardest to achieve. Most doctors will absolutely refuse to perform a voluntary castration upon a patient. However, there are a few medical professionals out there who are open to such ideas.

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Ashleigh crushing raw bull testicles with bare feet! :) ballbusting fetish rocky mountain oysters crush testicles Busting Bull Balls Barefoot Ashleigh Aska on Vimeo Join. Hard Stories BME: Body Modification Ezine. Mary seperated my balls and pull with all her might to strech them. A large nail was then driven through the scrotum holding the ...


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dizzo Castration Experience. The phone rang at 9:45 am on January 20th. I pressed number 5 on my telephone to let my friend up and continue on with my pre-planned castration. I let my friend into my apartment, I showed him the burdizzo, and the directions that went with the burdizzo for my castration.

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Castration can occur by accident (e.g. war injuries, pelvic crushing from auto accidents, severe burns, etc.), as a form of torture, punishment, or self-mutilation, or be the result of surgery, perhaps for a medical condition such as testicular cancer or prostate cancer.

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Castration with Burdizzo: My Story My name is Sidney and I was castrated with a burdizzo 1/25/97. I have my own reasons for getting castrated and I choose to keep them to myself. I live on a farm where we have cattle and sheep so we get a lot of practice with the burdizzo castrating the males.

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Torture and Testicle Crushing at Nuremberg - Renegade Tribune. Oct 25, 2015· Torture and Testicle Crushing at Nuremberg October 25, 2015 October 26, ... practiced mostly by Jewish operatives on their German prisoners of war, was testicle crushing. (Left) German defendants at the Nuremberg War Crimes trials, 1946-1949.

Male Nullo Stories - BME: Body Modification Ezine

GRESSIVE BALL DAMAGE USING ELASTRATORS PROGRESSIVE BALL DAMAGE USING ELASTRATORS This my experience as an SM slave with elastrators. I may be unusual but I believe that a true SM slave accepts that a master has the right to modify his slaves to suit his needs and desires.

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Testicle Crushing Devices Stories 25/8/2013 · The pain of a destroyed and severed testicle is not merely localized in the testicle, but spreads upward and outward into the abdomen The man is still able to have children. 2 Woman Kills Man By Crushing Both Testicles If you've ever wondered if rupturing a .